Search a Vessel: the new efficiency standard

In today’s high tech world people tend to depend on machines rather than on themselves. That is why Search a Vessel has found the balance between e-tools, and old fashioned personal contact; we don’t believe our industry should solely depend on algorithms and the sharpest price. We do claim, however, that we are the most efficient place for charterers and owners to get in touch and seal the deal.

Please allow us to demonstrate that with this presentation.

Ever since man transported cargo over water, based on archeological findings that was about 4000 years ago, charterers and owners have had one major thing in common; a mutual necessity to conduct their respective business. As the Dokos wreck only contained amphorae, the Uluburun wreck had a 20 ton cargo load of seven (!) different cultures on board.

Yet both ships were loaded following the same principals. Messengers from both cargo owners and ship owners were dispatched to get their masters together, sometimes using an intermediate. Over those four millennia, things have hardly changed; nowadays contacts are established though employees working for a boss, using broker services if required. However, we believe it is time for a 21st century adjustment. Even in today’s modern era, there was no website enabling both parties to quickly get acquainted, and hence save time and money. Until now.

How does it work?

A charterer has a certain vessel requirement for his cargo or project . He or she obviously has an extended contact base, so the calling and emailing can start. With Search a Vessel, things change for the better. After entering the vessel type, harbor of loading and maximum distance from the harbor, the site shows all relevant vessels within the maximum distance from the selected harbor. So, in very little time the charterer can contact an owner enabling them to enter into an agreement.

The charterer has a wide variety of parameters on the site to search a vessel meeting the specific requirements of the cargo. This is not just limited to the volume of the cargo hold, or crane capacity, the options are numerous, ensuring that the perfect ship for said cargo is found, hence drastically reducing time on both sides. This assures ship owners of a higher turnover, due to increased efficiency.

Vessel owners can register their ship(s) on the website and fill in all details of their vessel(s). Position and ETA to the next port are imported from the AIS system. The owner can indicate if a vessel is on charter, free for charter or for sale, allowing the charterer to search for all vessels, for charter of for sale.

Advantages ship owners

Existing clients

Ship owners now drastically can reduce their manual labor. As charterers can find a vessel on the website, the website reversely allows ship owners to maintain an e-mail list of contacts and send a circulation e-mail to all contacts with an update on available vessels. The vessel owner can determine which details will be provided about the available ship(s) and select which of his vessel(s) will be included in the e-mail. The system updates the position of the vessel to its last known position and destination harbor. A link to each of the vessel(s) of the owner is included in the email allowing charterers to quickly find the vessel on the website to review the vessels particulars. They simply send out one e-mail, with details about their available vessel(s). Charterers enjoy the benefits of being offered several possibilities to move their cargo.

New clients

Registering as a new client is simple. Once a new client has registered he or she can easily look for all available ships in the designated area. Thanks to the detailed information provided by ship owners, the charterer can quickly find a vessel suiting the necessary requirements. The new client can contact the vessel owner directly through the website saving a lot of time on both ends.

Cost reduction

The most noticeable change is that charterers contact ship owners directly, so they don’t have to pay commission fees to brokers. Our website enables charterers to search in any specific area relevant to them, and with an ETA to that area. The result hereof is that ships will spend less time lying idle in a harbor. Whether it is a cargo trip or a ballast run to the next harbor, this website puts everybody to work, hence reducing all costs related to empty vessels waiting for somewhere to go.


as they still can be very useful in mediating, by using this tool to offer available ships to charterers

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